Fear itself…

Back in the dire days of the Great Depression, President Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Today, we as a nation have succumbed to that fear. Worse, it is not only fear of foreign terrorists that worries us, but fear of our own government, our domestic police and our federal officials that hammers the soul of American freedom.


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Classroom Climate

Rand Simberg:

I have a modest proposal. Instead of promulgating either the Christian religion, or the Green religion in our science classes, let’s get teachers who actually have degrees in science (as opposed to “education”), so they don’t need “teaching materials,” and teach kids how to do math (including statistics), think critically, and actually formulate testable and falsifiable hypotheses and test them, so that they will be inoculated to all religions, when it comes to learning science.

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Language and the Left

A remarkable commentary by David Solway

Living in an illusory world, the left can maintain its privileged fiction only by adulterating language, treating it as an instrument that glosses what is as what isn’t, and codifies what isn’t as what is.

Be sure to read the comments also.

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